Interested in Meaningful, Mutually Beneficial Relationships?

Look no further, for you have come to the right place!


Have you heard the latest rhetoric regarding healthy relationships?  It seems everyone desires a healthy relationship yet very few are healthy.  Are you aware that many of us spend thousands of dollars earning degrees, buying homes, driving luxury vehicles all to prove our value?


As a matter of fact, many are merely following blueprints for we have learned the vernacular of the so called healthy, we’ve learned how to dress, familiarized ourselves with the lingo and all the correct acronyms – still a healthy sense of self can no more be forged than a X attempting to pass itself off as a Z!

A healthy sense of self, or more accurately a distorted sense of self is in one’s countenance.  It seeps through the pores as if it were bourbon – it’s noticeable!  A distorted sense of self is in one’s stance, her conversation and most prevalently in the choices she makes.  

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DisCovering Self Value Webinar Series

Participants of the DSV Webinar Series will learn information as it relates to the way in which the relational template was developed as well as ways to go about revitalizing it; in an effort to both secure and maintain healthy relationships! Participants will meet on a weekly basis in 50 minute intervals for the duration of

six-(6) weeks.

*Most Insurance Plans Accepted!!