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Empowerment Counseling

Empowerment Counseling

Why Empowerment Counseling?  I'm glad you asked, for as a triple minority I have endured just about every "ism" possible.   As a Black woman in particular I experience discrimination, both blatant and in the form of microaggressions, on a daily basis.  As such, it became evident that empowerment was an integral component of cultivating a healthy sense of self!

To elaborate, consistent messages from society that repeatedly communicate inferiority can begin to seep into the psyche and become an inherent part of our schema, thus influencing the stories we tell ourselves.  These stories impact the way we feel about ourselves, our capabilities, and in some instances what we believe we deserve.

Consequently, I found counseling women towards empowerment to be foundational in assisting clients to advocate for themselves, develop a true sense of confidence, and maintain a healthy self image. 



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